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415d6s37y5L-_SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Wild About Britain (2017)
ISBN-13 : 978-1784770679

A new collection of award-winning journalist and author Brian Jackman's nature and travel writings from the past 40 years. This is a nationwide celebration of Britain's unspoiled coast and countryside, concentrating in particular on Britain's wildlife and the wild places in which its most spectacular species are found, but also touching on fishing, sailing and the way Britain's history has shaped the landscape. 'Wild about Britain is not a guidebook' says Brian Jackman. 'It's an extended love letter to the British countryside; a personal view covering more than four decades of travels in the wilder parts of Britain.'

Winner of the British Guild of Travel Writers Best Narrative Travel Book 2018.

Savannah Diaries by Brian JackmanSavannah Diaries (2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1841624938

Let Savannah Diaries take you on a safari of discovery though Africa's most beautiful national parks and big game sanctuaries, in the company of its spectacular wildlife and the remarkable characters - scientists, conservationists, wardens and safari guides - who have devoted their lives to protecting its unique heritage for future generations. Written by the preeminent expert on African wildlife, Brian Jackman, Savannah Diaries reveals the staggering size and scale of sub-Saharan Africa in a celebration of the continent's wild places and their abundance of living creatures.

The Marsh LionsThe Marsh Lions (2013)
ISBN: 978 1 84162 428 0

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1983 original, Bradt have released a paperback version of this African Wildlife Classic.
"The lion saw the misty and familiar reed beds. the glitter of water in the red-gold light of dawn, and he roared at the plains beyond. The Africans knew what the lion was saying. 'Whose land is this? Whose land is this? It is mine, mine, mine!'".

Touching the Wild

Touching the Wild (2003)
ISBN: 978-1872842042

"At last we come to a bone-white beach of burning sand as soft as talc. We stop to swim in the coffee-brown water. Like all the Pantanal rivers, it is full of piranhas, but Guilherme knows where it is safe to bathe. Afterwards I wander down the beach, allowing the sun to dry my skin, and find the tracks of a large cat pressed deep into the sand. A jaguar has walked where I stand now. The prints are old but I don’t care. I bend and touch them with my outstretched hand. Contact at last."

The Big Cat DiaryThe Big Cat Diary: A Year in the Masai Mara (1996)
ISBN: 978-0563387527

“The lion calls again. First, the long drawn-out groan, repeated perhaps half-a-dozen times; then the husky, deep-throated grunts, fading, fading… the most thrilling sound in Africa.”


Roaring at the DawnRoaring at the Dawn: Journeys in Wild Africa (1995)
ISBN: 978-1853105708

“We drove slowly through Tsavo, the red dust pluming in our wake as we scanned the surrounding bush for movement. Somewhere out in that grey-green sea of thorny thickets were the shifta, Somali bandits and ivory poachers. The shifta were dangerous, armed with automatic weapons, and we didn’t want to run into them.”

The Great Wood of CaledonThe Great Wood of Caledon (1991)
ISBN: 978-0948661266

“And when the weather grows harder, when the lochans freeze from shore to shore, when the wind-blown snow forms blue cornices along the crests and summits of the mountains and icicles hang from the eagle’s crag, the deer are driven to seek sanctuary in the last welcoming tracts of the Caledonian pine forest.”

The Countryside in WinterThe Countryside in Winter (1985)
ISBN: 978-0091618100

“Outside in the dark the frost was fierce. Was that why the vixen up on the hill screamed with such anguish? The curtains were drawn against the night. The room had become a cave of warmth, flickering in the firelight’s glow. Wet from the wood, the logs hissed in the flames. The teapot stood by the fire. The hearth gods were happy and so was I.”

The Marsh LionsThe Marsh Lions (1983)
ISBN: 978-0879234737

“He lay on his side with his mane rumpled around his shoulders, occasionally stretching to ease the not unpleasant lassitude that seemed to weigh down his limbs. Sometimes his eyes would open and he would look about him; but all he saw was a silence of grass, and the crouching hills beyond.”

We Learned to SkiWe Learned to Ski (1983)
ISBN: 978-0002170963

“There never has been a ski book like this. It is produced by a team of writers and artists on The Sunday Times. They are all mad about ski-ing. But they have all learned recently enough to know what it is that really helps the skier come down the mountain with exhilaration and safety.”

Book reviews

“Brian Jackman is a passionate but unsentimental conservationist who lives surrounded by reminders of what’s gone before. He writes with relish for the experience he is recalling and for the language in which he sets it down. His prose is clean and uncluttered, his sense of history acute.” THE SUNDAY TIMES

“The author has that priceless gift of imparting his own enthusiasm without over-emphasis… it is a pleasure to be in his company.” THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

“Brian Jackman not only writes well, but has that rare gift of communicating his own sensual perceptions.” BIRDS MAGAZINE

“Few writers are able to evoke a sense of place as effectively as Brian Jackman.”

“Vivid and real. His fine descriptive writing brings the sights and sounds of Africa to life.” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Absolutely stunning, both from the point of view of the photography and the writing. It reeks of Africa. It smells of Africa. The whole thing is just living Africa. It’s a lovely book for the armchair naturalist.” LIVING WORLD (BBC RADIO FOUR) reviewing “THE MARSH LIONS”


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